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You have big plans… but SOMETHING always seems to get in your way. It can be tempting to tell yourself that the obstacles are “out there”… but the truth is, it’s usually your own self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, and old patterns that are holding you back.

This 4-week program is designed to show you how to overcome your inner approval addict, so that you can be YOU, no apologies.


Warning: your addiction to approval is sabotaging your success.  Many coaches, entrepreneurs and women on a mission have a need be liked and fit in (plus a devastating fear of failure) that is actually BLOCKING them from creating what they want. Let’s put an end to that! In this 5-session program, you’ll find simple ways to get over your fear of rejection and need for approval so you magnetize your tribe, make more money doing YOUR thing, and move forward like never before.


For coaches and other service providers who want to the fastest path to cash in their business. This 7-week program offers a clear plan of action so you can see results right away + lay the foundation for long-term biz success. All of the instruction is based on the Monetize Your Magic Blueprint so you know EXACTLY what to do, and when, to build a financially sustainable practice.