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Social media brings up my shit

Sometimes Facebook brings up my shit. And Instagram…don’t even get me started.

Is it just me?

Those whimsical shots of fresh flowers…

Someone frolicking on the beach looking like a 10 in her bikini.

Somebody on safari in Africa!

So-and-so’s adorable (and well groomed) baby!

Am I the only one who starts to compare my insides to everybody else’s outsides?

Half the time the front seat of my car looks like this: (Taken a few years ago. At least I don’t use all that plastic anymore):

And my stomach looks like this:

But here’s the thing, I know I don’t need to keep a clean car, maintain round the clock bouquets of fresh flowers or look great naked to be happy, confident and, most of all, to SHOW UP for life on my terms.

And neither do you.

Don’t let social media get you down! Join me for:

The Life-Saving Magic of Self Forgiveness: Feel Better, Manifest More and Transform the Voice of Self Doubt into Your Biggest Asset.


Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  • How to deal with people who trigger you
  • The real truth behind approval seeking that nobody is talking about
  • How to access the wise mentor inside you – in 3 steps
  • Overcome the habit of beating the crap out of yourself in your head
  • Simple mindset tweaks for effortless creativity, confidence, energy and motivation
  • A step by step plan to transform the voice of self-doubt into your biggest asset.

If you’ve ever felt “less than” after scrolling through your FB or IG feed, this class is NOT to miss.

Hope to “see” you.



P.S. My life isn’t always such a mess. I’ve got some pretty IG worthy flowers on my table right now. My sister-in-law sent them after Dobby died. The point is when you can love yourself despite — or hell, because of — the mess, the stretch marks, the mistakes, your “flaws,” you are no longer wasting time and energy pushing against yourself. You are free. You have more energy. You are more creative. You can show up and be of service instead of wasting your life wishing you were something you are not. I’m going to break it down for you in a few hours. JOIN ME. ALL ARE WELCOME. REGISTER HERE.

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Not sorry.

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